Class Categories

  extended by org.junit.runner.Runner
      extended by org.junit.runners.ParentRunner<Runner>
          extended by org.junit.runners.Suite
              extended by org.junit.experimental.categories.Categories
All Implemented Interfaces:
Describable, Filterable, Sortable

public class Categories
extends Suite

From a given set of test classes, runs only the classes and methods that are annotated with either the category given with the @IncludeCategory annotation, or a subtype of that category. Note that, for now, annotating suites with @Category has no effect. Categories must be annotated on the direct method or class. Example:

 public interface FastTests {
 public interface SlowTests {
 public static class A {
        public void a() {
        public void b() {
 @Category( { SlowTests.class, FastTests.class })
 public static class B {
        public void c() {
 @SuiteClasses( { A.class, B.class })
 // Note that Categories is a kind of Suite
 public static class SlowTestSuite {

Nested Class Summary
static class Categories.CategoryFilter
static interface Categories.ExcludeCategory
static interface Categories.IncludeCategory
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Constructor Summary
Categories(Class<?> klass, RunnerBuilder builder)
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describeChild, emptySuite, getChildren, runChild
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childrenInvoker, classBlock, classRules, collectInitializationErrors, filter, getDescription, getName, getRunnerAnnotations, getTestClass, run, runLeaf, setScheduler, sort, validatePublicVoidNoArgMethods, withAfterClasses, withBeforeClasses
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Constructor Detail


public Categories(Class<?> klass,
                  RunnerBuilder builder)
           throws InitializationError