Class Runner

  extended by org.junit.runner.Runner
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
org.junit.internal.runners.JUnit38ClassRunner, ParentRunner

public abstract class Runner
extends Object
implements Describable

A Runner runs tests and notifies a RunNotifier of significant events as it does so. You will need to subclass Runner when using RunWith to invoke a custom runner. When creating a custom runner, in addition to implementing the abstract methods here you must also provide a constructor that takes as an argument the Class containing the tests.

The default runner implementation guarantees that the instances of the test case class will be constructed immediately before running the test and that the runner will retain no reference to the test case instances, generally making them available for garbage collection.

See Also:
Description, RunWith

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  Description getDescription()
abstract  void run(RunNotifier notifier)
          Run the tests for this runner.
 int testCount()
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Constructor Detail


public Runner()
Method Detail


public abstract Description getDescription()
Specified by:
getDescription in interface Describable
a Description showing the tests to be run by the receiver


public abstract void run(RunNotifier notifier)
Run the tests for this runner.

notifier - will be notified of events while tests are being run--tests being started, finishing, and failing


public int testCount()
the number of tests to be run by the receiver