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Launcher - Interface in org.junit.platform.launcher
The Launcher API is the main entry point for client code that wishes to discover and execute tests using one or more test engines.
LauncherConfig - Interface in org.junit.platform.launcher.core
LauncherConfig defines the configuration API for creating Launcher instances via the LauncherFactory.
LauncherConfig.Builder - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.core
Builder API for LauncherConfig.
LauncherConstants - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher
Collection of constants related to Launcher.
launcherDiscoveryFinished(LauncherDiscoveryRequest) - Method in class org.junit.platform.jfr.FlightRecordingDiscoveryListener
launcherDiscoveryFinished(LauncherDiscoveryRequest) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.launcher.LauncherDiscoveryListener
Called when test discovery has finished.
LauncherDiscoveryListener - Interface in org.junit.platform.launcher
Register a concrete implementation of this interface with a LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder or Launcher to be notified of events that occur during test discovery.
LauncherDiscoveryListeners - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners.discovery
Collection of static factory methods for creating LauncherDiscoveryListeners.
LauncherDiscoveryRequest - Interface in org.junit.platform.launcher
LauncherDiscoveryRequest extends the EngineDiscoveryRequest API with additional filters that are applied by the Launcher itself.
LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.core
The LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder provides a light-weight DSL for generating a LauncherDiscoveryRequest.
LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder() - Constructor for class org.junit.platform.launcher.core.LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder
LauncherDiscoveryResult - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.core
Represents the result of test discovery of the configured test engines.
launcherDiscoveryStarted(LauncherDiscoveryRequest) - Method in class org.junit.platform.jfr.FlightRecordingDiscoveryListener
launcherDiscoveryStarted(LauncherDiscoveryRequest) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.launcher.LauncherDiscoveryListener
Called when test discovery is about to be started.
LauncherFactory - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.core
Factory for creating Launcher instances by invoking LauncherFactory.create() or LauncherFactory.create(LauncherConfig).
LauncherSession - Interface in org.junit.platform.launcher
The LauncherSession API is the main entry point for client code that wishes to repeatedly discover and execute tests using one or more test engines.
launcherSessionClosed(LauncherSession) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.launcher.LauncherSessionListener
Called when a launcher session was closed.
LauncherSessionListener - Interface in org.junit.platform.launcher
Register an implementation of this interface to be notified when a LauncherSession is opened and closed.
LauncherSessionListeners - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners.session
Collection of static factory methods for creating LauncherSessionListeners.
launcherSessionOpened(LauncherSession) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.launcher.LauncherSessionListener
Called when a launcher session was opened.
LegacyReportingUtils - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners
LegacyReportingUtils - Class in org.junit.platform.reporting.legacy
Utility methods for dealing with legacy reporting infrastructure, such as reporting systems built on the Ant-based XML reporting format for JUnit 4.
LegacyXmlReportGeneratingListener - Class in org.junit.platform.reporting.legacy.xml
LegacyXmlReportGeneratingListener is a TestExecutionListener that generates a separate XML report for each root in the TestPlan.
LegacyXmlReportGeneratingListener(Path, PrintWriter) - Constructor for class org.junit.platform.reporting.legacy.xml.LegacyXmlReportGeneratingListener
lifecycle - Variable in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor.ClassBasedTestDescriptor
LifecycleMethodExecutionExceptionHandler - Interface in org.junit.jupiter.api.extension
LifecycleMethodExecutionExceptionHandler defines the API for Extensions that wish to handle exceptions thrown during the execution of @BeforeAll, @BeforeEach, @AfterEach, and @AfterAll lifecycle methods.
line() - Element in annotation interface org.junit.platform.suite.api.SelectClasspathResource
The line number within the classpath resource; ignored if not greater than zero.
line() - Element in annotation interface org.junit.platform.suite.api.SelectFile
The line number within the file; ignored if not greater than zero.
lineSeparator() - Element in annotation interface org.junit.jupiter.params.provider.CsvFileSource
The line separator to use when reading the CSV files; must consist of 1 or 2 characters.
LINUX - Enum constant in enum class org.junit.jupiter.api.condition.OS
Linux-based operating system.
list() - Method in class org.junit.platform.testkit.engine.Events
Get the events as a List.
list() - Method in class org.junit.platform.testkit.engine.Executions
Get the executions as a List.
LISTENER_ENABLED_PROPERTY_NAME - Static variable in class org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners.UniqueIdTrackingListener
Property name used to enable the UniqueIdTrackingListener: "junit.platform.listeners.uid.tracking.enabled"
listeners(LauncherDiscoveryListener...) - Method in class org.junit.platform.launcher.core.LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder
Add all of the supplied discovery listeners to the request.
loadClass(String) - Static method in class
loadClass(String) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ReflectionUtils
loadClass(String, ClassLoader) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ReflectionUtils
loadTestEngines() - Method in class org.junit.platform.launcher.core.ServiceLoaderTestEngineRegistry
LOCALE - Static variable in class org.junit.jupiter.api.parallel.Resources
Represents the default locale for the current instance of the JVM: "java.util.Locale.default"
Logger - Interface in org.junit.platform.commons.logging
The Logger API serves as a simple logging facade for java.util.logging (JUL).
LoggerFactory - Class in org.junit.platform.commons.logging
Factory for the Logger facade for JUL.
logging() - Static method in class org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners.discovery.LauncherDiscoveryListeners
Create a LauncherDiscoveryListener that logs test discovery events based on their severity.
LoggingListener - Class in org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners
Simple TestExecutionListener for logging informational messages for all events via a BiConsumer that consumes Throwable and Supplier<String>.
LogRecordListener - Class in org.junit.platform.commons.logging
LogRecordListener is only intended for testing purposes within JUnit's own test suite.
LogRecordListener() - Constructor for class org.junit.platform.commons.logging.LogRecordListener
logRecordSubmitted(LogRecord) - Method in class org.junit.platform.commons.logging.LogRecordListener
Inform the listener of a LogRecord that was submitted to JUL for processing.
LONG_DISPLAY_NAME - Static variable in annotation interface org.junit.jupiter.api.RepeatedTest
Long display name pattern for a repeated test: "{displayName} :: repetition {currentRepetition} of {totalRepetitions}"
longs() - Element in annotation interface org.junit.jupiter.params.provider.ValueSource
The long values to use as sources of arguments; must not be empty.
LruCache<K,​V> - Class in org.junit.platform.commons.util
A simple LRU cache with a maximum size.
LruCache(int) - Constructor for class org.junit.platform.commons.util.LruCache
Create a new LRU cache that maintains at most the supplied number of entries.
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