Interface LauncherSessionListener

@API(status=EXPERIMENTAL, since="1.8") public interface LauncherSessionListener
Register an implementation of this interface to be notified when a LauncherSession is opened and closed.

A LauncherSessionListener can be registered programmatically with the LauncherConfig passed to the LauncherFactory or automatically via Java's ServiceLoader mechanism.

All methods in this class have empty default implementations. Subclasses may therefore override one or more of these methods to be notified of the selected events.

The methods declared in this interface are called by the Launcher or LauncherSession created via the LauncherFactory.

See Also:
LauncherSession, LauncherConfig.Builder.addLauncherSessionListeners(org.junit.platform.launcher.LauncherSessionListener...), LauncherFactory
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • launcherSessionOpened

      default void launcherSessionOpened(LauncherSession session)
      Called when a launcher session was opened.
      session - the opened session
    • launcherSessionClosed

      default void launcherSessionClosed(LauncherSession session)
      Called when a launcher session was closed.
      session - the closed session