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JUnit 5
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readFieldValue(Class<T>, String, T) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ReflectionUtils
Read the value of a potentially inaccessible field.
readStackTrace(Throwable) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ExceptionUtils
Read the stacktrace of the supplied Throwable into a String.
ReflectionSupport - Class in
Common reflection and classpath scanning support.
ReflectionUtils - Class in org.junit.platform.commons.util
Collection of utilities for working with the Java reflection APIs.
ReflectionUtils.HierarchyTraversalMode - Enum in org.junit.platform.commons.util
Modes in which a hierarchy can be traversed — for example, when searching for methods or fields within a class hierarchy.
registerExtension(Extension, Object) - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.extension.ExtensionRegistry
Register the supplied Extension in this registry, without checking if an extension of that type already exists in this registry.
registerTestExecutionListeners(TestExecutionListener...) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.launcher.Launcher
Register one or more listeners for test execution.
remove(Object) - Method in interface org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.ExtensionContext.Store
Remove the value that was previously stored under the supplied key.
remove(Object, Class<V>) - Method in interface org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.ExtensionContext.Store
Remove the value of the specified required type that was previously stored under the supplied key.
remove(Object) - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.execution.NamespaceAwareStore
remove(Object, Class<T>) - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.execution.NamespaceAwareStore
removeChild(TestDescriptor) - Method in class
removeChild(TestDescriptor) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.engine.TestDescriptor
Remove a child from this descriptor.
removeFromHierarchy() - Method in class
removeFromHierarchy() - Method in interface org.junit.platform.engine.TestDescriptor
Remove this non-root descriptor from its parent and remove all the children from this descriptor.
RepeatedTest - Annotation Type in org.junit.jupiter.api
@RepeatedTest is used to signal that the annotated method is a test template method that should be repeated a specified number of times with a configurable display name.
RepetitionInfo - Interface in org.junit.jupiter.api
RepetitionInfo is used to inject information about the current repetition of a repeated test into @RepeatedTest, @BeforeEach, and @AfterEach methods.
ReportEntry - Class in org.junit.platform.engine.reporting
ReportEntry encapsulates a time-stamped map of String-based key-value pairs to be published to the reporting infrastructure.
ReportEntry() - Constructor for class org.junit.platform.engine.reporting.ReportEntry
reportingEntryPublished(TestDescriptor, ReportEntry) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.engine.EngineExecutionListener
Can be called for any testDescriptor in order to publish additional information, e.g.: Output that would otherwise go to System.out Information about test context or test data
reportingEntryPublished(TestIdentifier, ReportEntry) - Method in interface org.junit.platform.launcher.TestExecutionListener
Called when additional test reporting data has been published for the supplied TestIdentifier.
request() - Static method in class org.junit.platform.launcher.core.LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder
Create a new LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder.
RESERVED_CHARACTERS - Static variable in class org.junit.platform.engine.TestTag
Reserved characters that are not permissible as part of a tag name.
resolveParameter(ParameterContext, ExtensionContext) - Method in interface org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.ParameterResolver
Resolve an argument for the Parameter in the supplied ParameterContext for the supplied ExtensionContext.
resolveSelectors(EngineDiscoveryRequest, TestDescriptor) - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.discovery.DiscoverySelectorResolver
rethrowIfBlacklisted(Throwable) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.BlacklistedExceptions
Rethrow the supplied exception if it is blacklisted.
returnsVoid(Method) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ReflectionUtils
root() - Method in enum org.junit.platform.console.options.Theme
root(String, String) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.engine.UniqueId
Create a root unique ID from the supplied segmentType and value using the default format.
run(RunNotifier) - Method in class org.junit.platform.runner.JUnitPlatform
RunnerExecutor - Class in org.junit.vintage.engine.execution
RunnerExecutor(EngineExecutionListener, Logger) - Constructor for class org.junit.vintage.engine.execution.RunnerExecutor
RunnerTestDescriptor - Class in org.junit.vintage.engine.descriptor
RunnerTestDescriptor(UniqueId, Class<?>, Runner) - Constructor for class org.junit.vintage.engine.descriptor.RunnerTestDescriptor
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JUnit 5