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JUnit 5
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main(String...) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.console.ConsoleLauncher
makeAccessible(T) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ReflectionUtils
mayRegisterTests() - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor.TestFactoryTestDescriptor
mayRegisterTests() - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor.TestTemplateTestDescriptor
mayRegisterTests() - Method in interface org.junit.platform.engine.TestDescriptor
Determine if this descriptor may register dynamic tests during execution.
MethodExtensionContext - Class in org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor
MethodExtensionContext(ExtensionContext, EngineExecutionListener, TestMethodTestDescriptor, Object, ThrowableCollector) - Constructor for class org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor.MethodExtensionContext
MethodSelector - Class in org.junit.platform.engine.discovery
A DiscoverySelector that selects a Method or a combination of class name, method name, and parameter types so that TestEngines can discover tests or containers based on methods.
MethodSource - Annotation Type in org.junit.jupiter.params.provider
@MethodSource is an ArgumentsSource which provides access to values returned by methods of the class in which this annotation is declared.
MethodSource - Class in
Java method based TestSource.
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JUnit 5