Class StringEndsWith

  extended by org.hamcrest.BaseMatcher<T>
      extended by org.hamcrest.TypeSafeMatcher<String>
          extended by org.hamcrest.core.SubstringMatcher
              extended by org.hamcrest.core.StringEndsWith
All Implemented Interfaces:
Matcher<String>, SelfDescribing

public class StringEndsWith
extends SubstringMatcher

Tests if the argument is a string that contains a substring.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
StringEndsWith(String substring)
Method Summary
static Matcher<String> endsWith(String suffix)
          Creates a matcher that matches if the examined String ends with the specified String.
protected  boolean evalSubstringOf(String s)
protected  String relationship()
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describeMismatch, matches
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Constructor Detail


public StringEndsWith(String substring)
Method Detail


protected boolean evalSubstringOf(String s)
Specified by:
evalSubstringOf in class SubstringMatcher


protected String relationship()
Specified by:
relationship in class SubstringMatcher


public static Matcher<String> endsWith(String suffix)
Creates a matcher that matches if the examined String ends with the specified String.

For example:

assertThat("myStringOfNote", endsWith("Note"))

suffix - the substring that the returned matcher will expect at the end of any examined string

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