Interface SelfDescribing

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AllOf, AnyOf, org.junit.internal.AssumptionViolatedException, AssumptionViolatedException, BaseMatcher, CombinableMatcher, CustomMatcher, CustomTypeSafeMatcher, DescribedAs, DiagnosingMatcher, Every, FeatureMatcher, Is, IsAnything, IsCollectionContaining, IsEqual, IsInstanceOf, IsNot, IsNull, IsSame, StringContains, StringEndsWith, StringStartsWith, SubstringMatcher, TypeSafeDiagnosingMatcher, TypeSafeMatcher

public interface SelfDescribing

The ability of an object to describe itself.

Method Summary
 void describeTo(Description description)
          Generates a description of the object.

Method Detail


void describeTo(Description description)
Generates a description of the object. The description may be part of a a description of a larger object of which this is just a component, so it should be worded appropriately.

description - The description to be built or appended to.

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