Package org.junit.experimental.theories

Class Summary
ParameterSupplier Abstract parent class for suppliers of input data points for theories.
Theories The Theories runner allows to test a certain functionality against a subset of an infinite set of data points.

Exception Summary

Annotation Types Summary
DataPoint Annotating an field or method with @DataPoint will cause the field value or the value returned by the method to be used as a potential parameter for theories in that class, when run with the Theories runner.
DataPoints Annotating an array or iterable-typed field or method with @DataPoints will cause the values in the array or iterable given to be used as potential parameters for theories in that class when run with the Theories runner.
FromDataPoints Annotating a parameter of a @Theory method with @FromDataPoints will limit the datapoints considered as potential values for that parameter to just the DataPoints with the given name.
ParametersSuppliedBy Annotating a Theory method parameter with @ParametersSuppliedBy causes it to be supplied with values from the named ParameterSupplier when run as a theory by the Theories runner.
Theory Marks test methods that should be read as theories by the Theories runner.

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