Interface Sortable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AllTests, BlockJUnit4ClassRunner, Categories, Enclosed, org.junit.internal.runners.JUnit38ClassRunner, JUnit4, Parameterized, ParentRunner, Suite, org.junit.internal.runners.SuiteMethod, Theories

public interface Sortable

Interface for runners that allow sorting of tests. By sorting tests based on when they last failed, most recently failed first, you can reduce the average time to the first test failing. Test sorting should not be used to cope with order dependencies between tests. Tests that are isolated from each other are less expensive to maintain and can be run individually.


Method Summary
 void sort(Sorter sorter)
          Sorts the tests using sorter

Method Detail


void sort(Sorter sorter)
Sorts the tests using sorter

sorter - the Sorter to use for sorting the tests