Class Enclosed

  extended by org.junit.runner.Runner
      extended by org.junit.runners.ParentRunner<Runner>
          extended by org.junit.runners.Suite
              extended by org.junit.experimental.runners.Enclosed
All Implemented Interfaces:
Describable, Filterable, Sortable

public class Enclosed
extends Suite

If you put tests in inner classes, Ant, for example, won't find them. By running the outer class with Enclosed, the tests in the inner classes will be run. You might put tests in inner classes to group them for convenience or to share constants. So, for example:

  public class ListTests {
      ...useful shared stuff...
      public static class OneKindOfListTest {...}
      public static class AnotherKind {...}
For a real example, @see org.junit.tests.manipulation.SortableTest.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class org.junit.runners.Suite
Constructor Summary
Enclosed(Class<?> klass, RunnerBuilder builder)
          Only called reflectively.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class org.junit.runners.Suite
describeChild, emptySuite, getChildren, runChild
Methods inherited from class org.junit.runners.ParentRunner
childrenInvoker, classBlock, classRules, collectInitializationErrors, filter, getDescription, getName, getRunnerAnnotations, getTestClass, run, runLeaf, setScheduler, sort, validatePublicVoidNoArgMethods, withAfterClasses, withBeforeClasses
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Constructor Detail


public Enclosed(Class<?> klass,
                RunnerBuilder builder)
         throws Throwable
Only called reflectively. Do not use programmatically.