Annotation Interface DisplayNameGeneration

@Target(TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented @Inherited @API(status=STABLE, since="5.7") public @interface DisplayNameGeneration
@DisplayNameGeneration is used to declare a custom display name generator for the annotated test class.

This annotation is inherited from superclasses and implemented interfaces. It is also inherited from enclosing classes for @Nested test classes.

As an alternative to @DisplayNameGeneration, a global DisplayNameGenerator can be configured for the entire test suite via the "junit.jupiter.displayname.generator.default" configuration parameter. See the User Guide for details. Note, however, that a @DisplayNameGeneration declaration always overrides a global DisplayNameGenerator.

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  • Required Element Summary

    Required Elements
    Modifier and Type
    Required Element
    Custom display name generator.
  • Element Details

    • value

      Class<? extends DisplayNameGenerator> value
      Custom display name generator.
      custom display name generator class