Annotation Interface Nested

@Target(TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented @API(status=STABLE, since="5.0") public @interface Nested
@Nested is used to signal that the annotated class is a nested, non-static test class (i.e., an inner class) that can share setup and state with an instance of its enclosing class. The enclosing class may be a top-level test class or another @Nested test class, and nesting can be arbitrarily deep.

@Nested test classes may be ordered via @TestClassOrder or a global ClassOrderer.

Test Instance Lifecycle

  • A @Nested test class can be configured with its own TestInstance.Lifecycle mode which may differ from that of an enclosing test class.
  • A @Nested test class cannot change the TestInstance.Lifecycle mode of an enclosing test class.
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