Class MethodSelector

    • Method Detail

      • getClassName

        public String getClassName()
        Get the selected class name.
      • getMethodName

        public String getMethodName()
        Get the selected method name.
      • getMethodParameterTypes

        public String getMethodParameterTypes()
        Get the parameter types for the selected method as a String, typically a comma-separated list of primitive types, fully qualified class names, or array types.

        Note: the parameter types are provided as a single string instead of a collection in order to allow this selector to be used in a generic fashion by various test engines. It is therefore the responsibility of the caller of this method to determine how to parse the returned string.

        the parameter types supplied to this MethodSelector via a constructor or deduced from a Method supplied via a constructor; never null
      • getJavaClass

        public Class<?> getJavaClass()
        Get the Class in which the selected method is declared, or a subclass thereof.

        If the Class was not provided, but only the name, this method attempts to lazily load the Class based on its name and throws a PreconditionViolationException if the class cannot be loaded.

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