Annotation Type Tag

  • @Target({TYPE,METHOD})
    public @interface Tag
    @Tag is a repeatable annotation that is used to declare a tag for the annotated test class or test method.

    Tags are used to filter which tests are executed for a given test plan. For example, a development team may tag tests with values such as "fast", "slow", "ci-server", etc. and then supply a list of tags to be included in or excluded from the current test plan, potentially dependent on the current environment.

    Syntax Rules for Tags

    • A tag must not be blank.
    • A trimmed tag must not contain whitespace.
    • A trimmed tag must not contain ISO control characters.
    • A trimmed tag must not contain any of the following reserved characters.
      • ,: comma
      • (: left parenthesis
      • ): right parenthesis
      • &: ampersand
      • |: vertical bar
      • !: exclamation point
    See Also:
    Tags, Test
    • Required Element Summary

      Required Elements 
      Modifier and Type Required Element Description
      String value
      The tag.
    • Element Detail

      • value

        String value
        The tag.

        Note: the tag will first be trimmed. If the supplied tag is syntactically invalid after trimming, the error will be logged as a warning, and the invalid tag will be effectively ignored. See Syntax Rules for Tags.