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of(Object...) - Static method in interface org.junit.jupiter.params.provider.Arguments
Factory method for creating an instance of Arguments based on the supplied arguments.
of(Predicate<Class<?>>) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ClassFilter
Create a ClassFilter instance that accepts all names but filters classes.
of(Predicate<String>, Predicate<Class<?>>) - Static method in class org.junit.platform.commons.util.ClassFilter
Create a ClassFilter instance that filters by names and classes.
OpenTest4JAwareThrowableCollector - Class in org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical
Specialization of ThrowableCollector that treats instances of TestAbortedException as aborting.
OpenTest4JAwareThrowableCollector() - Constructor for class org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical.OpenTest4JAwareThrowableCollector
org.junit.jupiter.api - package org.junit.jupiter.api
JUnit Jupiter API for writing tests.
org.junit.jupiter.api.condition - package org.junit.jupiter.api.condition
Annotation-based conditions for enabling or disabling tests in JUnit Jupiter.
org.junit.jupiter.api.extension - package org.junit.jupiter.api.extension
JUnit Jupiter API for writing extensions.
org.junit.jupiter.api.function - package org.junit.jupiter.api.function
Functional interfaces used within JUnit Jupiter.
org.junit.jupiter.api.parallel - package org.junit.jupiter.api.parallel
JUnit Jupiter API for influencing parallel test execution.
org.junit.jupiter.engine - package org.junit.jupiter.engine
Core package for the JUnit Jupiter test engine.
org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor - package org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor
Test descriptors used within the JUnit Jupiter test engine.
org.junit.jupiter.engine.discovery - package org.junit.jupiter.engine.discovery
Internal classes for test discovery within the JUnit Jupiter test engine.
org.junit.jupiter.engine.discovery.predicates - package org.junit.jupiter.engine.discovery.predicates
Internal predicate classes used by test discovery within the JUnit Jupiter test engine.
org.junit.jupiter.engine.execution - package org.junit.jupiter.engine.execution
Internal classes for test execution within the JUnit Jupiter test engine.
org.junit.jupiter.engine.extension - package org.junit.jupiter.engine.extension
Test extensions specific to the JUnit Jupiter test engine.
org.junit.jupiter.engine.script - package org.junit.jupiter.engine.script
Scripting support specific to the JUnit Jupiter test engine.
org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules - package org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules
Extensions which provide (limited) support for JUnit 4 rules within JUnit Jupiter.
org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules.adapter - package org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules.adapter
Simple wrappers for JUnit 4 rules to overcome visibility limitations of the JUnit 4 implementations.
org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules.member - package org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules.member
Abstractions for members which can be targets of JUnit 4 rule annotations.
org.junit.jupiter.params - package org.junit.jupiter.params
JUnit Jupiter extension for parameterized tests.
org.junit.jupiter.params.aggregator - package org.junit.jupiter.params.aggregator
The ArgumentsAggregator and ArgumentsAccessor interfaces and the AggregateWith annotation.
org.junit.jupiter.params.converter - package org.junit.jupiter.params.converter
ArgumentConverter implementations and the corresponding @ConvertWith annotation.
org.junit.jupiter.params.provider - package org.junit.jupiter.params.provider
ArgumentsProvider implementations and their corresponding ArgumentsSource annotations.
org.junit.jupiter.params.support - package org.junit.jupiter.params.support
Support classes for building providers and converters for arguments.
org.junit.platform.commons - package org.junit.platform.commons
Internal common library of JUnit.
org.junit.platform.commons.annotation - package org.junit.platform.commons.annotation
Common annotations for the JUnit Platform.
org.junit.platform.commons.logging - package org.junit.platform.commons.logging
Internal logging package.
org.junit.platform.commons.support - package org.junit.platform.commons.support
Maintained common support APIs provided by the JUnit Platform.
org.junit.platform.commons.util - package org.junit.platform.commons.util
Internal common utilities for JUnit.
org.junit.platform.console - package org.junit.platform.console
Support for launching the JUnit Platform from the console.
org.junit.platform.console.options - package org.junit.platform.console.options
Configuration options for JUnit's console launcher.
org.junit.platform.console.tasks - package org.junit.platform.console.tasks
Internal execution tasks for JUnit's console launcher.
org.junit.platform.engine - package org.junit.platform.engine
Public API for test engines.
org.junit.platform.engine.discovery - package org.junit.platform.engine.discovery
Concrete selectors and filters to be used in discovery requests.
org.junit.platform.engine.reporting - package org.junit.platform.engine.reporting
Classes used by test engines to report additional data to execution listeners.
org.junit.platform.engine.support.config - package org.junit.platform.engine.support.config
ConfigurationParameters-related support classes intended to be used by test engine implementations.
org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor - package org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor
TestDescriptor-related support classes intended to be used by test engine implementations and clients of the launcher.
org.junit.platform.engine.support.filter - package org.junit.platform.engine.support.filter
Filter-related support classes intended to be used by test engine implementations.
org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical - package org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical
Support classes and base implementation for any TestEngine that wishes to organize test suites hierarchically based on the Node abstraction.
org.junit.platform.launcher - package org.junit.platform.launcher
Public API for configuring and launching test plans.
org.junit.platform.launcher.core - package org.junit.platform.launcher.core
Core support classes for the Launcher including the LauncherFactory and the LauncherDiscoveryRequestBuilder.
org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners - package org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners
Common TestExecutionListener implementations and related support classes for the Launcher.
org.junit.platform.launcher.tagexpression - package org.junit.platform.launcher.tagexpression
The tag expression language parser and related support classes.
org.junit.platform.runner - package org.junit.platform.runner
Runner and annotations for configuring and executing tests on the JUnit Platform in a JUnit 4 environment.
org.junit.platform.suite.api - package org.junit.platform.suite.api
Annotations for configuring a test suite on the JUnit Platform.
org.junit.platform.surefire.provider - package org.junit.platform.surefire.provider
Maven Surefire provider for the JUnit Platform.
org.junit.vintage.engine - package org.junit.vintage.engine
Core package for the JUnit Vintage test engine.
org.junit.vintage.engine.descriptor - package org.junit.vintage.engine.descriptor
Test descriptors used within the JUnit Vintage test engine.
org.junit.vintage.engine.discovery - package org.junit.vintage.engine.discovery
Internal classes for test discovery within the JUnit Vintage test engine.
org.junit.vintage.engine.execution - package org.junit.vintage.engine.execution
Internal classes for test execution within the JUnit Vintage test engine.
org.junit.vintage.engine.support - package org.junit.vintage.engine.support
Internal support classes for test discovery and execution within the JUnit Vintage test engine.
OS - Enum in org.junit.jupiter.api.condition
Enumeration of common operating systems used for testing Java applications.
OTHER - org.junit.jupiter.api.condition.JRE
A JRE version other than JRE.JAVA_8, JRE.JAVA_9, JRE.JAVA_10, or JRE.JAVA_11.
OTHER - org.junit.jupiter.api.condition.OS
An operating system other than OS.AIX, OS.LINUX, OS.MAC, OS.SOLARIS, or OS.WINDOWS.