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handleTestExecutionException(Throwable) - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules.adapter.ExpectedExceptionAdapter
handleTestExecutionException(Throwable) - Method in interface org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules.adapter.GenericBeforeAndAfterAdvice
handleTestExecutionException(ExtensionContext, Throwable) - Method in interface org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.TestExecutionExceptionHandler
Handle the supplied throwable.
handleTestExecutionException(ExtensionContext, Throwable) - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.migrationsupport.rules.ExpectedExceptionSupport
hasAggregator(Method) - Static method in class org.junit.jupiter.params.aggregator.AggregationUtils
Determine if the supplied Method declares at least one Parameter that is an aggregator.
hasExplicitSelectors() - Method in class org.junit.platform.console.options.CommandLineOptions
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.ExtensionContext.Namespace
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.jupiter.engine.script.Script
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.AbstractTestDescriptor
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.ClasspathResourceSource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.ClassSource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.CompositeTestSource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.DirectorySource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.FilePosition
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.FileSource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.MethodSource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.descriptor.PackageSource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical.ExclusiveResource
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.TestTag
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.UniqueId
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.UniqueId.Segment
hashCode() - Method in class org.junit.platform.launcher.TestIdentifier
hasPotentiallyValidSignature(Method) - Static method in class org.junit.jupiter.params.aggregator.AggregationUtils
Determine if the supplied Method has a potentially valid signature (i.e., formal parameter declarations) with regard to aggregators.
hasPrefix(UniqueId) - Method in class org.junit.platform.engine.UniqueId
Determine if the supplied UniqueId is a prefix for this UniqueId.
HierarchicalTestEngine<C extends EngineExecutionContext> - Class in org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical
Abstract base class for all TestEngine implementations that wish to organize test suites hierarchically based on the Node abstraction.
HierarchicalTestEngine() - Constructor for class org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical.HierarchicalTestEngine
HierarchicalTestExecutorService - Interface in org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical
A closeable service that executes test tasks.
HierarchicalTestExecutorService.TestTask - Interface in org.junit.platform.engine.support.hierarchical
An executable task that represents a single test or container.
HierarchyTraversalMode - Enum in org.junit.platform.commons.support
Modes in which a hierarchy can be traversed — for example, when searching for methods or fields within a class hierarchy.