Class ClasspathRootSelector

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    public class ClasspathRootSelector
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements DiscoverySelector
    A DiscoverySelector that selects a classpath root so that TestEngines can search for class files or resources within the physical classpath — for example, to scan for test classes.

    Since engines are not expected to modify the classpath, the classpath root represented by this selector must be on the classpath of the context class loader of the thread that uses this selector.

    See Also:
    ClasspathResourceSelector, Thread.getContextClassLoader()
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      Modifier and Type Method Description getClasspathRoot​()
      Get the selected classpath root directory as an URI.
      java.lang.String toString​()  
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      • getClasspathRoot

        public getClasspathRoot​()
        Get the selected classpath root directory as an URI.
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        public java.lang.String toString​()
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