Class DefaultArgumentConverter

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    public class DefaultArgumentConverter
    extends SimpleArgumentConverter
    DefaultArgumentConverter is the default implementation of the ArgumentConverter API.

    The DefaultArgumentConverter is able to convert from strings to a number of primitive types and their corresponding wrapper types (Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, and Double), date and time types from the java.time package, and some additional common Java types such as File, BigDecimal, BigInteger, Currency, Locale, URI, URL, UUID, etc.

    If the source and target types are identical the source object will not be modified.

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      protected java.lang.Object convert​(java.lang.Object source, java.lang.Class<?> targetType)
      Convert the supplied source object into to the supplied targetType.
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        protected java.lang.Object convert​(java.lang.Object source,
                                           java.lang.Class<?> targetType)
        Description copied from class: SimpleArgumentConverter
        Convert the supplied source object into to the supplied targetType.
        Specified by:
        convert in class SimpleArgumentConverter
        source - the source object to convert; may be null
        targetType - the target type the source object should be converted into; never null
        the converted object; may be null but only if the target type is a reference type.