Interface TestTemplateInvocationContext

    • Method Detail

      • getDisplayName

        default java.lang.String getDisplayName​(int invocationIndex)
        Get the display name for this invocation.

        The supplied invocationIndex is incremented by the framework with each test invocation. Thus, in the case of multiple active providers, only the first active provider receives indices starting with 1.

        The default implementation returns the supplied invocationIndex wrapped in brackets — for example, [1], [42], etc.

        invocationIndex - the index of this invocation (1-based).
        the display name for this invocation; never null or blank
      • getAdditionalExtensions

        default java.util.List<Extension> getAdditionalExtensions​()
        Get the additional extensions for this invocation.

        The extensions provided by this method will only be used for this invocation of the test template. Thus, it does not make sense to return an extension that acts solely on the container level (e.g. BeforeAllCallback).

        The default implementation returns an empty list.

        the additional extensions for this invocation; never null but potentially empty