Package org.junit.runners.model

Interface Summary
Annotatable A model element that may have annotations.
MemberValueConsumer<T> Represents a receiver for values of annotated fields/methods together with the declaring member.
RunnerScheduler Represents a strategy for scheduling when individual test methods should be run (in serial or parallel) WARNING: still experimental, may go away.

Class Summary
FrameworkField Represents a field on a test class (currently used only for Rules in BlockJUnit4ClassRunner, but custom runners can make other uses)
FrameworkMember<T extends FrameworkMember<T>> Parent class for FrameworkField and FrameworkMethod
FrameworkMethod Represents a method on a test class to be invoked at the appropriate point in test execution.
RunnerBuilder A RunnerBuilder is a strategy for constructing runners for classes.
Statement Represents one or more actions to be taken at runtime in the course of running a JUnit test suite.
TestClass Wraps a class to be run, providing method validation and annotation searching

Exception Summary
InitializationError Represents one or more problems encountered while initializing a Runner
InvalidTestClassError Thrown by Runners in case the class under test is not valid.
MultipleFailureException Collects multiple Throwables into one exception.
TestTimedOutException Exception thrown when a test fails on timeout.

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