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Packages that use Ordering
org.junit.runner Provides classes used to describe, collect, run and analyze multiple tests. 
org.junit.runner.manipulation Provides classes to filter or sort tests. 

Uses of Ordering in org.junit.runner

Methods in org.junit.runner with parameters of type Ordering
 Request Request.orderWith(Ordering ordering)
          Returns a Request whose Tests can be run in a certain order, defined by ordering

Uses of Ordering in org.junit.runner.manipulation

Subclasses of Ordering in org.junit.runner.manipulation
 class Alphanumeric
          A sorter that orders tests alphanumerically by test name.
 class Sorter
          A Sorter orders tests.

Methods in org.junit.runner.manipulation that return Ordering
 Ordering Ordering.Factory.create(Ordering.Context context)
          Creates an Ordering instance using the given context.
 Ordering Alphanumeric.create(Ordering.Context context)
static Ordering Ordering.definedBy(Class<? extends Ordering.Factory> factoryClass, Description annotatedTestClass)
          Creates an Ordering from the given factory class.
static Ordering Ordering.definedBy(Ordering.Factory factory, Description annotatedTestClass)
          Creates an Ordering from the given factory.
static Ordering Ordering.shuffledBy(Random random)
          Creates an Ordering that shuffles the items using the given Random instance.

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