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Packages that use InvalidOrderingException
org.junit.runner.manipulation Provides classes to filter or sort tests. 
org.junit.runners Provides standard Runner implementations. 

Uses of InvalidOrderingException in org.junit.runner.manipulation

Methods in org.junit.runner.manipulation that throw InvalidOrderingException
 void Ordering.apply(Object target)
          Order the tests in target using this ordering.
 void Orderer.apply(Object target)
          Order the tests in target.
static Ordering Ordering.definedBy(Class<? extends Ordering.Factory> factoryClass, Description annotatedTestClass)
          Creates an Ordering from the given factory class.
static Ordering Ordering.definedBy(Ordering.Factory factory, Description annotatedTestClass)
          Creates an Ordering from the given factory.
 List<Description> Orderer.order(Collection<Description> descriptions)
          Orders the descriptions.
 void Orderable.order(Orderer orderer)
          Orders the tests using orderer

Uses of InvalidOrderingException in org.junit.runners

Methods in org.junit.runners that throw InvalidOrderingException
 void ParentRunner.order(Orderer orderer)
          Implementation of Orderable.order(Orderer).

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