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Packages that use TemporaryFolder.Builder

Uses of TemporaryFolder.Builder in org.junit.rules

Methods in org.junit.rules that return TemporaryFolder.Builder
 TemporaryFolder.Builder TemporaryFolder.Builder.assureDeletion()
          Setting this flag assures that no resources are left undeleted.
static TemporaryFolder.Builder TemporaryFolder.builder()
          Returns a new builder for building an instance of TemporaryFolder.
 TemporaryFolder.Builder TemporaryFolder.Builder.parentFolder(File parentFolder)
          Specifies which folder to use for creating temporary resources.

Constructors in org.junit.rules with parameters of type TemporaryFolder.Builder
TemporaryFolder(TemporaryFolder.Builder builder)
          Create a TemporaryFolder initialized with values from a builder.

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