Package org.junit.runner.manipulation

Provides classes to filter or sort tests.


Interface Summary
Filterable Runners that allow filtering should implement this interface.
Orderable Interface for runners that allow ordering of tests.
Ordering.Factory Factory for creating Ordering instances.
Sortable Interface for runners that allow sorting of tests.

Class Summary
Alphanumeric A sorter that orders tests alphanumerically by test name.
Filter The canonical case of filtering is when you want to run a single test method in a class.
Orderer Orders tests.
Ordering Reorders tests.
Ordering.Context Context about the ordering being applied.
Sorter A Sorter orders tests.

Exception Summary
InvalidOrderingException Thrown when an ordering does something invalid (like remove or add children)
NoTestsRemainException Thrown when a filter removes all tests from a runner.

Package org.junit.runner.manipulation Description

Provides classes to filter or sort tests.

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