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Packages that use ValidateWith
org.junit.runner Provides classes used to describe, collect, run and analyze multiple tests. 

Uses of ValidateWith in org.junit.experimental.categories

Classes in org.junit.experimental.categories with annotations of type ValidateWith
 interface Category
          Marks a test class or test method as belonging to one or more categories of tests.

Uses of ValidateWith in org.junit.runner

Classes in org.junit.runner with annotations of type ValidateWith
 interface OrderWith
          When a test class is annotated with @OrderWith or extends a class annotated with @OrderWith, JUnit will order the tests in the test class (and child test classes, if any) using the ordering defined by the Ordering class.

Uses of ValidateWith in org.junit.validator

Methods in org.junit.validator with parameters of type ValidateWith
 AnnotationValidator AnnotationValidatorFactory.createAnnotationValidator(ValidateWith validateWithAnnotation)
          Creates the AnnotationValidator specified by the value in ValidateWith.

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