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Packages that use PrintableResult

Uses of PrintableResult in org.junit.experimental.results

Methods in org.junit.experimental.results that return PrintableResult
static PrintableResult PrintableResult.testResult(Class<?> type)
          The result of running JUnit on type
static PrintableResult PrintableResult.testResult(Request request)
          The result of running JUnit on Request request

Methods in org.junit.experimental.results that return types with arguments of type PrintableResult
static Matcher<PrintableResult> ResultMatchers.failureCountIs(int count)
          Matches if there are count failures
static Matcher<PrintableResult> ResultMatchers.hasFailureContaining(String string)
          Matches if the result has one or more failures, and at least one of them contains string
static Matcher<PrintableResult> ResultMatchers.hasSingleFailureMatching(Matcher<Throwable> matcher)
          Matches if the result has exactly one failure matching the given matcher.
static Matcher<PrintableResult> ResultMatchers.isSuccessful()
          Matches if the tests are all successful

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