Annotation Type ParametersSuppliedBy

public @interface ParametersSuppliedBy

Annotating a Theory method parameter with @ParametersSuppliedBy causes it to be supplied with values from the named ParameterSupplier when run as a theory by the Theories runner. In addition, annotations themselves can be annotated with @ParametersSuppliedBy, and then used similarly. ParameterSuppliedBy annotations on parameters are detected by searching up this heirarchy such that these act as syntactic sugar, making:

 public @interface SpecialParameter { }
 public void theoryMethod(@SpecialParameter String param) {
equivalent to:
 public void theoryMethod(@ParametersSuppliedBy(Supplier.class) String param) {

Required Element Summary
 Class<? extends ParameterSupplier> value

Element Detail


public abstract Class<? extends ParameterSupplier> value

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