@API(status=STABLE, since="1.10") public class ExclusiveResource extends Object
An exclusive resource identified by a key with a lock mode that is used to synchronize access to shared resources when executing nodes in parallel.
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      @API(status=STABLE, since="1.10") public static final String GLOBAL_KEY
      Key of the global resource lock that all direct children of the engine descriptor acquire in read mode by default: ""

      If any node requires an exclusive resource with the same key in read-write mode, the lock will be coarsened to be acquired by the node's ancestor that is a direct child of the engine descriptor and all of the ancestor's descendants will be forced to run in the same thread.

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    • ExclusiveResource

      public ExclusiveResource(String key, ExclusiveResource.LockMode lockMode)
      Create a new ExclusiveResource.
      key - the identifier of the resource; never null or blank
      lockMode - the lock mode to use to synchronize access to the resource; never null
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