Class LauncherFactory


@API(status=STABLE, since="1.0") public class LauncherFactory extends Object
Factory for creating Launcher instances by invoking create() or create(LauncherConfig).

By default, test engines are discovered at runtime using the ServiceLoader mechanism. For that purpose, a text file named META-INF/services/org.junit.platform.engine.TestEngine has to be added to the engine's JAR file in which the fully qualified name of the implementation class of the TestEngine interface is declared.

By default, test execution listeners are discovered at runtime via the ServiceLoader mechanism and are automatically registered with the Launcher created by this factory. Users may register additional listeners using the Launcher.registerTestExecutionListeners(TestExecutionListener...) method on the created launcher instance.

For full control over automatic registration and programmatic registration of test engines and listeners, supply an instance of LauncherConfig to create(LauncherConfig).

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