Maintained common support APIs provided by the JUnit Platform.

The purpose of this package is to provide TestEngine and Extension authors convenient access to a subset of internal utility methods to assist with their implementation. This prevents re-inventing the wheel and ensures that common tasks are handled in third-party engines and extensions with the same semantics as within the JUnit Platform itself.

  • Class Summary
    AnnotationSupport provides static utility methods for common tasks regarding annotations — for example, checking if a class, method, or field is annotated with a particular annotation; finding annotations on a given class, method, or field; finding fields or methods annotated with a particular annotation, etc.
    ClassSupport provides static utility methods for common tasks regarding classes — for example, generating a comma-separated list of fully qualified class names for a set of supplied classes.
    ModifierSupport provides static utility methods for working with class and member modifiers — for example, to determine if a class or member is declared as public, private, abstract, static, etc.
    ReflectionSupport provides static utility methods for common reflection tasks — for example, scanning for classes in the class-path or module-path, loading classes, finding methods, invoking methods, etc.
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    Modes in which a hierarchy can be traversed — for example, when searching for methods or fields within a class hierarchy.
    Search options for finding an annotation within a class hierarchy.