Interface RepetitionInfo

@API(status=STABLE, since="5.0") public interface RepetitionInfo
RepetitionInfo is used to inject information about the current repetition of a repeated test into @RepeatedTest, @BeforeEach, and @AfterEach methods.

If a method parameter is of type RepetitionInfo, JUnit will supply an instance of RepetitionInfo corresponding to the current repeated test as the value for the parameter.

WARNING: RepetitionInfo cannot be injected into a @BeforeEach or @AfterEach method if the corresponding test method is not a @RepeatedTest. Any attempt to do so will result in a ParameterResolutionException.

See Also:
RepeatedTest, TestInfo
  • Method Details

    • getCurrentRepetition

      int getCurrentRepetition()
      Get the current repetition of the corresponding @RepeatedTest method.
    • getTotalRepetitions

      int getTotalRepetitions()
      Get the total number of repetitions of the corresponding @RepeatedTest method.
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