Class LegacyReportingUtils


@API(status=MAINTAINED, since="1.6") public final class LegacyReportingUtils extends Object
Utility methods for dealing with legacy reporting infrastructure, such as reporting systems built on the Ant-based XML reporting format for JUnit 4. This class was formerly from junit-platform-launcher in org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners package.
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    • getClassName

      public static String getClassName(TestPlan testPlan, TestIdentifier testIdentifier)
      Get the class name for the supplied TestIdentifier using the supplied TestPlan.

      This implementation attempts to find the closest test identifier with a ClassSource by traversing the hierarchy upwards towards the root starting with the supplied test identifier. In case no such source is found, it falls back to using the parent's legacy reporting name.

      testPlan - the test plan that contains the TestIdentifier; never null
      testIdentifier - the identifier to determine the class name for; never null
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