Interface ClassOrdererContext

@API(status=EXPERIMENTAL, since="5.8") public interface ClassOrdererContext
ClassOrdererContext encapsulates the context in which a ClassOrderer will be invoked.
See Also:
ClassOrderer, ClassDescriptor
  • Method Details

    • getClassDescriptors

      List<? extends ClassDescriptor> getClassDescriptors()
      Get the list of class descriptors to order.
      the list of class descriptors; never null
    • getConfigurationParameter

      Optional<String> getConfigurationParameter(String key)
      Get the configuration parameter stored under the specified key.

      If no such key is present in the ConfigurationParameters for the JUnit Platform, an attempt will be made to look up the value as a JVM system property. If no such system property exists, an attempt will be made to look up the value in the JUnit Platform properties file.

      key - the key to look up; never null or blank
      an Optional containing the value; never null but potentially empty
      See Also:
      System.getProperty(String), ConfigurationParameters