Class LauncherConstants

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        public static final String CAPTURE_MAX_BUFFER_PROPERTY_NAME
        Property name used to configure the maximum number of bytes for buffering to use per thread and output type if output capturing is enabled: "junit.platform.output.capture.maxBuffer"

        Value must be an integer; defaults to 4194304.

        See Also:
        CAPTURE_MAX_BUFFER_DEFAULT, Constant Field Values

        Property name used to provide patterns for deactivating listeners registered via the ServiceLoader mechanism: "junit.platform.execution.listeners.deactivate"

        Pattern Matching Syntax

        If the property value consists solely of an asterisk (*), all listeners will be deactivated. Otherwise, the property value will be treated as a comma-separated list of patterns where each individual pattern will be matched against the fully qualified class name (FQCN) of each registered listener. Any dot (.) in a pattern will match against a dot (.) or a dollar sign ($) in a FQCN. Any asterisk (*) will match against one or more characters in a FQCN. All other characters in a pattern will be matched one-to-one against a FQCN.


        • *: deactivates all listeners.
        • org.junit.*: deactivates every listener under the org.junit base package and any of its subpackages.
        • *.MyListener: deactivates every listener whose simple class name is exactly MyListener.
        • *System*, *Dev*: deactivates every listener whose FQCN contains System or Dev.
        • org.example.MyListener, org.example.TheirListener: deactivates listeners whose FQCN is exactly org.example.MyListener or org.example.TheirListener.
        See Also:
        DEACTIVATE_ALL_LISTENERS_PATTERN, TestExecutionListener, Constant Field Values