Interface EngineDiscoveryListener

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    public interface EngineDiscoveryListener
    EngineDiscoveryListener contains TestEngine access to the information necessary to discover tests and containers.

    All methods in this interface have empty default implementations. Concrete implementations may therefore override one or more of these methods to be notified of the selected events.

    The methods declared in this interface should be called by each TestEngine during test discovery. However, since this interface was only added in 1.6, older engines might not yet do so.

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      • selectorProcessed

        default void selectorProcessed​(UniqueId engineId,
                                       DiscoverySelector selector,
                                       SelectorResolutionResult result)
        Must be called after a discovery selector has been processed by a test engine.

        Exceptions thrown by implementations of this method will cause test discovery of the current engine to be aborted.

        engineId - the unique ID of the engine descriptor
        selector - the processed selector
        result - the resolution result of the supplied engine and selector
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