Annotation Type TestMethodOrder

  • @Target(TYPE)
    public @interface TestMethodOrder
    @TestMethodOrder is a type-level annotation that is used to configure a MethodOrderer for the test methods of the annotated test class or test interface.

    In this context, the term "test method" refers to any method annotated with @Test, @RepeatedTest, @ParameterizedTest, @TestFactory, or @TestTemplate.

    If @TestMethodOrder is not explicitly declared on a test class, inherited from a parent class, or declared on a test interface implemented by a test class, test methods will be ordered using a default algorithm that is deterministic but intentionally nonobvious.

    Example Usage

    The following demonstrates how to guarantee that test methods are executed in the order specified via the @Order annotation.

     class OrderedTests {
         void nullValues() {}
         void emptyValues() {}
         void validValues() {}
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