This document contains the change log for all JUnit 5 releases since 5.4 GA.

Please refer to the User Guide for comprehensive reference documentation for programmers writing tests, extension authors, and engine authors as well as build tool and IDE vendors.


Date of Release: March 19, 2019

Scope: Configurable test discovery implementation

For a complete list of all closed issues and pull requests for this release, consult the 5.5 M1 milestone page in the JUnit repository on GitHub.

JUnit Platform

New Features and Improvements

  • Configurable test discovery implementation that can be reused by different test engines (see Javadoc of

  • New isFinal() and isNotFinal() methods in ModifierSupport.

  • @ValueSource now additionally supports literal values of type boolean for parameterized tests.

JUnit Jupiter

New Features and Improvements

  • Supply expected and actual values for failed boolean assertions for enhanced IDE support.

JUnit Vintage

No changes.


Date of Release: March 17, 2019

Scope: Bug fixes since 5.4.0

For a complete list of all closed issues and pull requests for this release, consult the 5.4.1 milestone page in the JUnit repository on GitHub.

Overall Improvements

  • Fix Specification-Version entry in JAR manifests

JUnit Platform

Bug Fixes

  • Restore compatibility with Android: Unsupported Pattern flags, like UNICODE_CHARACTER_CLASS, no longer cause class StringUtils to fail during initialization.

JUnit Jupiter

Bug Fixes

  • Deletion of a temporary directory within a test no longer results in a test failure for a temporary directory supplied via @TempDir.

JUnit Vintage

Bug Fixes

  • Fix reporting of finish events of intermediate containers with static and dynamic children, e.g. Spock test classes with regular and @Unroll feature methods in a test suite.


Date of Release: February 7, 2019


  • New junit-jupiter dependency-aggregating artifact for simplified dependency management in build tools

  • XML report generating listener

  • Test Kit for testing engines and extensions

  • null and empty argument sources for @ParameterizedTest methods

  • @TempDir support for temporary directories

  • Custom display name generator API

  • Support for ordering test methods

  • Support for ordering extensions registered via @RegisterExtension

  • TestWatcher extension API

  • API for accessing outer test instances in ExtensionContext

  • JUnit 4 @Ignore migration support

  • Improved diagnostics and error reporting

  • Improved documentation and user experience in the User Guide

  • Discontinuation of the junit-platform-surefire-provider

  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

For complete details consult the 5.4.0 Release Notes online.