Class MethodBasedTestDescriptor

    • Method Detail

      • getExclusiveResources

        public Set<ExclusiveResource> getExclusiveResources()
        Description copied from interface: Node
        Get the set of exclusive resources required to execute this node.

        The default implementation returns an empty set.

        the set of exclusive resources required by this node; never null but potentially empty
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      • getTestClass

        public final Class<?> getTestClass()
      • getTestMethod

        public final Method getTestMethod()
      • getLegacyReportingName

        public String getLegacyReportingName()
        Description copied from interface: TestDescriptor
        Get the name of this descriptor in a format that is suitable for legacy reporting infrastructure — for example, for reporting systems built on the Ant-based XML reporting format for JUnit 4.

        The default implementation simply delegates to TestDescriptor.getDisplayName().

        the legacy reporting name; never null or blank