Class NestedMethodSelector

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@API(status=STABLE, since="1.6") public class NestedMethodSelector extends Object implements DiscoverySelector
A DiscoverySelector that selects a nested Method or a combination of enclosing classes names, class name, method name, and parameter types so that TestEngines can discover tests or containers based on methods.

If a Java Method is provided, the selector will return that method and its method name, class name, enclosing classes names, and parameter types accordingly. If class names or method names are provided, this selector will only attempt to lazily load a class or method if getEnclosingClasses(), getNestedClass(), getMethod(), or getParameterTypes() is invoked.

In this context, a Java Method means anything that can be referenced as a Method on the JVM — for example, methods from Java classes or methods from other JVM languages such Groovy, Scala, etc.

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