Annotation Type Ignore

public @interface Ignore

Sometimes you want to temporarily disable a test or a group of tests. Methods annotated with Test that are also annotated with @Ignore will not be executed as tests. Also, you can annotate a class containing test methods with @Ignore and none of the containing tests will be executed. Native JUnit 4 test runners should report the number of ignored tests along with the number of tests that ran and the number of tests that failed.

For example:

    @Ignore @Test public void something() { ...
@Ignore takes an optional default parameter if you want to record why a test is being ignored:
    @Ignore("not ready yet") @Test public void something() { ...
@Ignore can also be applied to the test class:
      @Ignore public class IgnoreMe {
          @Test public void test1() { ... }
          @Test public void test2() { ... }


Optional Element Summary
 String value
          The optional reason why the test is ignored.


public abstract String value
The optional reason why the test is ignored.


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